[coreboot] alix2c3 LEDs and mode switch

Marc Jones marcj303 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 22:47:29 CET 2008

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> On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 8:47 PM, Marc Jones wrote:
> > I think I came into this discussion late with getting my email switched over.
> > What are you trying to accomplish and where/what do you want to control the 
> LED from?
> There is fully functional linux kernel driver (see attachment) which
> works flawlessly with tinybios (alix factory bios).
> I want to indicate software status events (for example network is up
> or down) using custom scripts and driver I've mentioned.

>#define ALIX_LED1_PORT        (0x6100)

The scripts and driver should get the GPIO IO address from the 5536 PCI cfg header instead of hard coding the address.
coreboot can allocate the GPIO space to any address. A quick try could be made by checking lspci.

GPIO is BAR1 (offset 0x14) in the 5536.

You can find some example GPIO setup in coreboot at src/southbridge/amd/cs5536/cs5536.c. It uses GPIOs for UARTs. 



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