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Fri Nov 7 20:38:37 CET 2008

On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 12:17 PM, Anose, Bijoy K (N-Aerotek) <
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>  Hello Myles,
> According to a mailing list post (
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.bios/18159/match=s2892) you were the
> author of
> the 2892 tutorial on the coreboot website.  Sorry to bother you directly,
> but you did say "feel free to ask for clarifications",
> so I'm taking you at your word.  :)

No problem.  If you CC the list you could get a faster response sometimes,
depending on the time of day, phases of the moon, etc.

> I've been looking at the tutorial, and I'm a bit confused.  It's probably
> just my ignorance of how coreboot works, etc.
> As I understand it, I should be able to replace the legacy bios on my
> S2892-based system with a coreboot-generated
> ROM image.  I want to be able to boot from a SATA hard drive with an
> existing Linux install.
> So far, I've taken the latest SVN snapshots of coreboot-v2, filo, and
> buildrom.  Hardware-wise, I have a contraption that
> lets me hot swap the bios chip, and a couple of spare chips.  I've already
> successfully read an image file from the legacy
> BIOS and written it back and verified it a few times.
> I'm pretty familiar with the Linux boot process, on top of a legacy BIOS
> anyway.  I created an isolinux-based system
> that just worked out of the ramdisk and never mounted a hard disk.
> I believe the steps I want to follow are roughly the following:
> * build a very minimal kernel that will end up in the ROM image
Buildrom does this.

> * configure and build FILO (filo.elf will include the kernel image?)
Not needed.  Filo doesn't have SATA drivers. That's why you need a kernel in
the ROM.

You will have to configure the shell and the boot scripts in
They select the defaults, mount the drives, etc.

> * use buildrom to create the actual ROM image file (superset of filo.elf?)
Use buildrom, but the file only will have coreboot and the kernel with a
minimal shell

> * burn image to the chip using flashrom

> Is the documentation directory under coreboot-v2 the answer to all of my
> questions, even though it seems to be intended
> for an EPIA board?  It seems to be the "general" part of the steps I would
> need, with your S2892 tutorial just calling out
> the additional/divergent steps specific to the S2892.

I think my tutorial was additional to another tutorial on the wiki, not the
docs.  The Tyan boards are very similar.

Good luck.

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