[coreboot] Dell PE2850 with coreboot.

Michal Widlok michalwd1979 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 14:02:14 CET 2008

Thanks Vincent,

> First, you should ensure you have a way to recover from problems:
> Is your flash chip soldered or socketed on the motherboard ?
> If not, any failure (bad flashing or wrong coreboot) and you've
> got an expensive doorstop.
> If yes, do you have at least one spare compatible chip with an
> original bios flashed onto, to recover from failures ?

Flash is soldered, however I'm prepared to desolder it and install a
socket. I also can copy original BIOS to other chip to have a spare.
Fortunately I have required equipment here :-).

> Then you're fairly safe to try, test, or hack on coreboot.
> A serial console (to another host) setup and working is good
> to have, because VGA may not work at first.

I also have spare host to create serial console.
However I really would like to talk to with a person who already tried
this on Dell servers. I don't feel good enough in linux/C/PCs to be
the first one who will install coreboot on a rack server. I did not
think about coreboot before, but some time ago I saw a WIP for dell
1850, and this triggerd me to post to the list.

Best Regards,
Michael W.

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