[coreboot] [PATCH] v2: ICH7: Drop non-working enable_hpet() for now

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Thu Nov 6 23:23:31 CET 2008

On Thu, Nov 06, 2008 at 09:17:47PM +0100, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> > Please correct me if I'm wrong (I don't have NDA'd Intel datasheets, I
> > can only check the public ones), but I think the enable_hpet() in the
> > ICH7 code will not work for ICH7. It should work for ICH4/ICH5 or so,
> > but ICH7 requires a completely different init involving RCBA, offset
> > 0x3404, it seems.
> >
> > Thus, drop the non-working code, add a TODO until somebody writes the
> > proper code for ICH7. Maybe I'll do that if nobody beats me to it, but
> > it may take a while.
> Acked-by: Stefan Reinauer <stepan at coresystems.de>

Thanks, r3732.

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