[coreboot] [PATCH 2/2] bayou: adjust color pairs

Ulf Jordan jordan at chalmers.se
Tue Nov 4 20:51:11 CET 2008

On Sat, 16 Aug 2008, Ulf Jordan wrote:

> Hello!
> Atttached is a patch that will restore blue background and bright yellow
> menu title in Bayou v0.3, after (if) the tinycurses VGA color correction
> patch is applied (see an earlier thread started today).
> Build and run tested under QEMU with bayou-0.3+coreboot-v3.

Patch rediffed against bayou in svn.

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Adjust color pair initialization to give a blue background screen and
bright yellow heading text,  after correction of tinycurses VGA color
handling code.

Signed-off-by: Ulf Jordan <jordan at chalmers.se>

Index: bayou/menu.c
--- bayou/menu.c	(revision 3730)
+++ bayou/menu.c	(arbetskopia)
@@ -133,11 +133,11 @@
-	init_pair(1, COLOR_WHITE, COLOR_RED);
+	init_pair(1, COLOR_WHITE, COLOR_BLUE);
 	init_pair(2, COLOR_BLACK, COLOR_WHITE);
 	init_pair(3, COLOR_BLACK, COLOR_WHITE);
-	init_pair(4, COLOR_CYAN, COLOR_WHITE);
-	init_pair(5, COLOR_WHITE, COLOR_RED);
+	init_pair(4, COLOR_YELLOW, COLOR_WHITE);
+	init_pair(5, COLOR_WHITE, COLOR_BLUE);
 	wattrset(stdscr, COLOR_PAIR(1));

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