[coreboot] new board: LiPPERT Cool SpaceRunner-LX

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Mon Nov 3 17:01:49 CET 2008

On 03/11/08 14:30 +0100, Jens Rottmann wrote:
> Hi Uwe,
> > The only non-trivial change I made, was to add
> >  * Copyright (C) 2007 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
> > to the cache_as_ram_auto.c file, as that's (IMHO) the only non-trivial
> > file copied from the db800 and thus needs to preserve the (C) of AMD.
> > 
> > But please correct me if that should be wrong, we can still fix that
> > then in svn (CC'd also Marc and Jordan from AMD for input).
> No, you're absolutely right, the AMD (C) line really should be included
> there, because I kept parts of AMD's actual code. Thanks for pointing
> this out.
> However, I happened to notice that you also deleted all "Based on ..."
> lines and I'm a little bit unhappy about this. As I said in my last
> mail, I'd have liked to pay credit to the code that served me as
> example. ... Well, at least the SpaceRunner-LX patch is in now. ...

I would actually prefer the "based on" syntax rather then retaining
the copyright notice, if you ask me.  If you are just copying the same
API calls that all other motherboards use, then there is hardly anything
to copyright in the first place.  Now, if there are some chunks of 
unmodified code that are unique to the db800 code (such as a local function)
then thats a different story, but if you are just copying what everybody
else has done, retaining the copyright notice is silly and deleting the
"Based on" lines is double silly.


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