[coreboot] Geode LX: PLL initialization in coreboot-v2

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Wed May 28 16:13:52 CEST 2008

>> I can't understand how the GLCP_SYS_RSTPLL register is set on DB800. 
>> The strapping pins of the DB800 IRQ13,PW0,SUSPA#,GNT#[2:0] are all '0' 
>> and PW1 is '1'. Before the PLLs are configured, I can see on the 
>> console: "GLCP_SYS_RSTPLL (4c000014) value is: 000003d7:00001880". The 
>> last byte 0x80 confirms the strapping pins settings, but the PLL 
>> multipliers are already set (COREMULT = 11, GLIUMULT = 7, COREDIV and 
>> GLIUDIV set, so CPU freq = 400MHz and memory DDR266). Where are these 
>> values set ?
> The CPU comes up in bypass mode but the multipliers are set to a default 
> value. On the pll reset the default settings takes effect. In the 
> databook, look at Table 6-87. The first line shows the bypass setting 
> without PW1 set.

Ok, so COREMULT = 11, GLIUMULT = 7 are the default settings (row #1 of 
table 6-87) since PW0,SUSPA#,GNT#[2:0] are all '0'. From table 6-88, the 
status of IRQ13 doesn't care for COREMULT and GLIUMULT. The same happens 
for PW1, since it is read during reset and it is wired to COREDIV and 
GLDIV. Is it correct ?

The conclusion is that, with the default configuration (strapping pins 
PW0,SUSPA#,GNT#[2:0] = '0' and with ManualConf = 0), the DB800 is 
underclocked for both CPU and RAM freq. Is it right ?

So if I want to use the board the board at its maximum frequency there 
are two possibilities:
1) the hardware way: set the strapping pins to the correct values (for 
example 500MHz for a LX800 and DDR400); inside pll_reset() I calculate 
the value of COREMULT, GLIUMULT, COREDIV and GLIUDIV (just like table 
6-87) from BOOTSTRAPS (GLCP_SYS_RSTPLL[7:1]) and then I write them to 
GLCP_SYS_RSTPLL before the reset.
2) the software way: I calculate the values of COREMULT, GLIUMULT, 
COREDIV and GLIUDIV from CPU ID and RAM SPD and then I write them to 
GLCP_SYS_RSTPLL before the reset.

Do you agree ?

>> On my hardware, when pll_reset is called, the automatic configuration 
>> is used. If I try to use the manual configuration (#define ManualConf 
>> 1), the board hangs after the CPU is reset from pll_reset.
> What did you set PLLMSRhi and PLLMSRlo to? If you have PW1 set on your 
> platform you need to have the MBDIV and COREDIV bits set.
Ok, thank you. Actually we missed to set these bits.


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