[coreboot] Enabling 4MB window in LPC adressing space

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Sat May 24 16:10:48 CEST 2008

>> ...
>> However it does not work:
>> a) white LED on dongle is still off
> See http://coreboot.org/viewvc?view=rev&root=coreboot-v3&revision=660
> and do it in a similar place
Ok, thank you for your suggestion. I'll try it.

>> b) coreboot prints:
>> Before VSA:
>> do_vsmbios
>> buf ilen 1011820 olen949065
>> buf 00060000 *buf 255 buf[256k] 255
>> buf[0x20] signature is ff:ff:ff:ff
>> do_vsmbios: no vsainit.bin signature, skipping!
>> After VSA:
>> Graphics init...
>> VRC_VG value: 0xffff
>> Finding PCI configuration type.
>> PCI: Sanity check failed
>> pci_check_direct failed
> I guess this isn't related to the dongle and it's 4MB mode, as that's
> just really useful post-BIOS at payload time, unless you are trying to
> fit the ROM into more than 1MB.
> But at a glance it seems like you don't have the VSA blob included in
> flash? Is this coreboot-v2 or coreboot-v3?
coreboot is v2
I suspect VSA blob is there but coreboot can't find it because it is 
stored where processor can't read because 4MB mode has not been enabled.
Please note that ROM_SIZE in Config.lb has been changed like this:

option ROM_SIZE=4*1024*1024-36*1024

Is this correct?


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