[coreboot] AMD LX800

qchwu qchwu at 163.com
Wed May 21 10:53:03 CEST 2008

Now,I want to design a ETX model used for communication.the following is the detials:
southbridge:AMD cs5536
ISA:w83626 ,LPC interface
ETHNET:intel 82551
IDE:a CF card is used for boot OS,such as QNX,LINUX,VXWORKS,and so on.

By the way,the ETX model must have for INT&IRQ PCI source for outside used. In order to do this,a FPGA is used in 

the system.
the ISA bus is designed for outside use for SJA100 for CAN bus or other type chip.

Baseed on the platform,I want to use coreboot-v2 to boot it.

Can my idea come true?

chenghu qin
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