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qchwu qchwu at 163.com
Tue May 20 03:13:54 CEST 2008

i want to use the buildrom in my platform (LX800+CS5536),in the first step,i work with the instruction in website: http://www.coreboot.org/Buildrom .
the step to get the source code is completed.but,the "make is not successful,the following is the message
svn co svn://coreboot.org/buildrom

[root at localhost buildrom-devel]# make menuconfig
# using defaults found in .config
.config:24:warning: symbol value '' invalid for COREBOOT_V3_ROM_SIZE
.config:95:warning: symbol value '' invalid for LAB_PAUSE
*** End of buildrom configuration.
*** Execute 'make' to build buildrom or try 'make help'.
[root at localhost buildrom-devel]# make
make: *** No rule to make target `|', needed by `/root/.Trash/buildrom-devel/work/lzma/stamps/.unpacked'.  Stop.
[root at localhost buildrom-devel]#
[root at localhost buildrom-devel]#

after the make,the "deploy" and "work" are not built. what is the matter within this apperance.

thank you!

chenghu qin
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