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Richard M Stallman wrote:
> When I wrote before about writing to Intel, I had considered only part
> of the issue.  So I feel obligated to fill in the part of the picture
> that was missing.
> The messages you send to Intel's customer service in favor of free
> BIOS support are not read or answered by someone who has the authority
> to change Intel's policy.  That's the part I considered before.
> The part I overlooked is that these messages are part of a campaign.
> Sending many letters to Intel has the effect of showing Intel that the
> public is concerned about the issue.  So even if the people who read
> these messages only send back a canned response, they tell people
> higher up that the public is concerned about the issue.  More letters
> mean more pressure.
> So it is useful to send the messages.

Maybe we should bypass the lower levels and write directly to some ceo.

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