[coreboot] epia-cn patch

aaron lwe aaron.lwe at gmail.com
Mon May 19 06:22:10 CEST 2008

> Why not use PCI_DEVICE_ID_VIA_VT6420_SATA       as I did?

Oh...I only did a string search for VT8237R_SATA, I really should did
a value search ;-)

> Please try attached patch. Thanks. I'm booting from first SATA at filo with
> hd0 as first SATA and second sata as hd2 imho the first ide disk will be
> hd4.

I still cannot make it work with this patch, filo cannot find the IDE
disk. I've tried hd0 - hd7 and then give up...

> Just a question do you have in plan to support also some other pairs like
> VT8237A/S?
I do not have such a plan.

> Again here please can you do the copy of registers or someone else will
> forgot that below ff MUST be same as above ;)

Good idea, thanks.

> This is tricky with other then VT8237R there is new registers for whole
> range. Please can you check if it is OK I mean that only two bits are for
> the whole region? Typical symptoms are random disk read lockup and
> controller reset - when DMA goes to the region of 0xE0000-0xEFFFF.
The datasheet said so, these two bits control f region. I didn't have
problems with disk and dma under linux.

> Can you add a more detailed comment about what exactly this
> does and why? It sure sounds scary for someone who hasn't read
> the datasheets (i.e. someone like me).
Sorry but I just followed the steps the programming guide gave on how
to disable sata and move pata from 00:0f.1 to 00:0f.0. I'm not clear
what happened either...

> I am wondering what a good mainboard for this chipset is. Any recommendations?
I'm mostly using via's internal demo boards, I'm not clear what boards
are selling so I cannot make any recommendations, sorry.

Signed-off-by: Aaron Lwe <aaron.lwe at gmail.com>

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