[coreboot] proposed patch, notsigned off, comments welcome.

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Tue May 13 17:37:03 CEST 2008

It did not help.
4d1:4d0 0c00
GPIOmap (e0 to e8): 0/20000001 4/08051538 8/14000c00 12/00000000
GPIO0: Interrupt:IG 1
GPIO7: Interrupt:IG 2
GPIO12: Interrupt:IG 3
GPIO13: Interrupt:IG 4
MSR 0x51400023: 0xbaba2

MSR 0x51400024: 0xffff

INTA, GPIO pin 0;Input Enabled and Inverted,Interrupt:GPIO BIT 1,IG
10,Not masked,
INTB, GPIO pin 7;Input Enabled and Inverted,Interrupt:GPIO BIT 2,IG
11,Not masked,
INTC, GPIO pin 12;Input Enabled and Inverted,Interrupt:GPIO BIT 3,IG
10,Not masked,
INTD, GPIO pin 13;Input Enabled and Inverted,Interrupt:GPIO BIT 4,IG
11,Not masked,

I suspect the issue is some conflict with the other routing. Note that
the factory bios used IRQ 5 for the second USB device. This is not to
be found in any PIR table.

However ... I just tried this USB card on factory bios. Lesson: never
assume anything. I used to use this card to test PCI stuff and it just
no longer works on this system. It did, but ... Linux problem? Who
knows? So this card goes back on the shelf ... I'll try to find a
non-ISDN PCI card to test with.


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