[coreboot] proposed patch, notsigned off, comments welcome.

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Sun May 11 23:39:34 CEST 2008

On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 1:09 PM, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
<c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net> wrote:
>I don't know how to do vr reads in user mode, however.
> What do you mean with VR? MSRs?

A vr is a virtual register managed by VSA, as in this:
                vr_write((VRC_MISCELLANEOUS << 8) + PCI_INT_AB,
                         (sb->enable_gpio_int_route & 0xFFFF));

which is this:
  * Read from a Virtual Register
  * @param class_index The register index
  * @return the 16-bit word of data
static inline u16 vr_read(u16 class_index)
        u16 data;
        outl(((u32) VR_UNLOCK << 16) | class_index, VRC_INDEX);
        data = inw(VRC_DATA);
        return data;

which seems simple enough if I trust it. Guess I'll try it later. For
now, it's not essential to use it since I know the value is 0x0d0c0700


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