[coreboot] elite C7VCM?

bari bari at onelabs.com
Fri May 9 20:40:54 CEST 2008

Thomas Vilhar wrote:
> Flashrom could not erase the chip and on a eites site they mentioned that you need a burner. The board does not have a jumper setting for flashing. I do not mind using a burner or another board.
> So how about the the files under  coreboot*/src/mainboard/ ? What do I have to do?
If you can get on IRC we may be able to help you work your way through 
flashrom: http://www.coreboot.org/IRC

Was flashrom able to identify your vt8237r and the SST flash device, but 
was unable to erase it?

There will be some additions to the SVN for the epia-cn very soon. It 
would be simpler for you to modify that code for your board (since it is 
very similar) and get it working first.


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