[coreboot] elite C7VCM?

bari bari at onelabs.com
Fri May 9 15:53:29 CEST 2008

Thomas Vilhar wrote:
> Hi, 
> Im new to the list and I read some about coreboot and im impressed. I would like to make my elite C7VCM VIA CN700 & VT8237R Plus Chipsets C7 CPU Onboard (http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Products/ProductsDetailPhoto.aspx?DetailID=885&LanID=0) boot with first lilo and then later on etherboot. I got the version 1.2 with 12v supply. This board is really cheap under 80 dollar and it is for a kiosk project. Since the orignal bios award bios 6.0 do not work with usbboot (in this fork ofcourse) which I need I hope I can use coreboot 
> So what do I need to do? As I understand the CN700 & VT8237R Plus are supported as well as usbboot with lilo. To add a board as I can see I need to adapt the config.lb in target and add and adapt the board in coreboot*/src/mainboard/. Is it something else I need to change/adapt/add in coreboot?  I might get a problem with VT8237R Plus since its VT8237R in the source, whats the difference? The bios chip is a sst49LF040B and I can not hot flash it on this board so I ordered a "enhanced willem pcb5.5c universal programmer". Is there a linux software I can use with this burner?
The cn700 support is nearly complete. Check back in a couple of weeks. 
The vt8237r is also supported.

The current version of Flashrom should be able to program your sst flash 
while in your board.

What problem did you have with your attempt at reprogramming your flash 
while it was still on the board?


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