[coreboot] [Fwd: Re: Contact Intel]

Ralph Green rgreen at zeomega.com
Mon May 5 08:40:18 CEST 2008

   I don't think I am seeing the whole thread here, so I may be 
commenting back to the wrong person.  I have run local elections several 
times as the presiding election judge.  In Texas, that is what they call 
the person who runs the election at the precinct level.  I also do not 
trust most of the electronic voting systems.  There are some good 
auditable ones out there, and I keep talking about those whenever I can. 
  There are real benefits to the electronic systems and as long as we 
can keep transparency and auditability, then I say they are a good thing.
   It is kind of like the BIOS to me.  It is not that I don't trust 
Award or Phoenix, but I like to option of an open honest BIOS and I 
think it will keep the others a little more honest.  I have been looking 
for a good motherboard to try coreboot on and I look forward to using it.
   And for something off-topic, I tried the gNewSense 2.0 on two systems 
this weekend and it failed to install where Ubuntu went on fine.  I am 
trying to figure out what was missing so I can file a bug report.
Good day,
Ralph Green, Jr.

Richard M Stallman wrote:
>     It isn't only software or firmware that's of concern. There should be no 
>     compromise: everything should be transparent and therefor auditable. (You 
>     doubt the importance of this for voting machines ?) See 
>     http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/05/01/1233244
> Voting machines are a very special case because you cannot
> trust the election authority to run them honestly.
> Using free software in these machines is not sufficient.
> I do not trust computers for voting.  Ballots should be on paper so
> that a recount is possible.

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