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> Drawing an ethical line thru a gray area is generally not
> straightforward.  Often it is not possible to find a unique best place
> to draw it, and sometimes we should treat certain areas as
> in-betweens.
>    However, another network card
>    with exactly the same chips and the same firmware, but a different 
> model
>    number, may get firmware updates from the vendor. That would _not_
>    qualify as ROM in your definition, at least as I understand it.
>    The technical side of the ROM equivalence question does not allow for
>    such distinctions.
> This is a gray area.  I think we can treat it as barely acceptable if
> we do not install firmware upgrades.  But only barely, so we should
> move to free firmware if possible.

It isn't only software or firmware that's of concern. There should be no 
compromise: everything should be transparent and therefor auditable. (You 
doubt the importance of this for voting machines ?) See 


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