[coreboot] patch: move audio, ehci, ohci IRQs from irq_table to cs5536 dts

Mart Raudsepp mart.raudsepp at artecdesign.ee
Sun May 4 17:58:27 CEST 2008

> The DBE62 does not really set up IRQs for USB, and that may be related
> to why there is a power issue. Mart, note that alix1c sets up USB in
> the PIR table and dbe62 does not. How are you getting USB to work at
> all?

I don't see anything on USB in alix1c code that isn't in DBE62 code.

/* Chipset slots -- f.3 wires to B, and f.4 and f.5 wires to D. */
{0x00, (0x0F << 3) | 0x0, {{L_PIRQA, M_PIRQA}, {L_PIRQB, M_PIRQB},
{L_PIRQC, M_PIRQC}, {L_PIRQD, M_PIRQD}}, 0x0, 0x0},

Here it reads out that USB is at INTD#, and {L_PIRQD, M_PIRQD} sets it up,
and I predict usb ohc and ehc intterupts are at IRQ9, as PIRQD is set to 9

DBE62 has had the same code since the start of when you copied the code
over from v2. Just now after my patches it sets IRQ5 for them, as also
reported by /proc/interrupts in linux. If I change PIRQD to some other
value, it changes accordingly in /proc/interrupts as well.
What was it about IRQ11 from the datasheet? Must it be set to IRQ11 to
work properly or just set up to INTD# as done in both cases (fourth tuple
being INTD) with the IRQ number not mattering?

The first tuple for chipset/cs5536 line affects video, NAND flash and AEG
engine on my observance (shared by these three), and either second or
third affected audio.

Mart Raudsepp
Artec Design LLC

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