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arc arc at gnu.org
Sun May 4 10:07:56 CEST 2008

Torsten Duwe wrote:
> On Thursday 01 May 2008, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
>> Hi Richard,
>> I normally do not reply to threads started by someone (arc at gnu.org) who
>> is unwilling to state his/her real name and announces that he has
>> blacklisted the e-mail address of the founder of coreboot.
> "arc" whatever it may be, is not anti-Ron, he (or she, or it...) is 
> anti-gmail, which is something I can fully understand. But obviously I also 
> agree with you that someone with a real opinion should have a real name, too.
> 	Torsten

I didn't reply before because I didn't fully understand that statement. :)

We are on the internet and I have the right to express my opinion
without revealing my name and surname.
I have the right to maintain my privacy if I wish and I have the right
to express my opinion too, if I wish.

This is freedom of speech and it's a shame that people like you who are
part of such a project don't understand this.


I didn't want to offend or ignore anybody, trust me.
As you can read on my personal website: www.chi3.org
I am an italian free software and free culture activist.
I was part of the Winston Smith Project too:

Since 2001 I'm active in Italy to defend free software and spread
digital freedom.
Some days ago I found on the FSF website a call for help the free bios
project and so I decided to write to Intel via the form on their website.

As Richard said, this is not the best way to push them so I wrote to you
because I REALLY want to help you.
I even ordered an OLPC because of the free bios in it.

We are really fighting for the same cause my friends.
I wrote to the coreboot list to ask how can I help you, how can I make
some pressure or whatever.

I don't know how to write code but I still want to help so if you had
some suggestions for me I will accept them.

Thank you very much for all your wonderful work and sorry if I caused
some confusion.

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