[coreboot] ICH7 SPI support for flashrom

Luca Burelli luca.burelli at m31engineering.it
Sat May 3 20:09:01 CEST 2008

	Thanks a lot for the pointers and good work on your thesis. I will 
delve a bit on the details and report back my progress.

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger ha scritto:
> Hi Luca,
> On 30.04.2008 10:17, Luca Burelli wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> 	I have tried flashrom on an ICH7-based board with a SPI Flash 
>> connected. On this kind of platform, after recognizing the ICH7 SPI 
>> interface, it seems like it's still using FWH commands to probe the 
>> Flash device.
> Yes, that's expected because ICH7 also supports parallel flash.
>> 	From the current SVN logs, it looks like this is a work in progress, 
>> and that "hailfinger" was the most active on this topic, but the last 
>> commit was around a month ago. Is someone still working on this? What is 
>> the current status of this support?
> I'm currently very busy with my diploma thesis. There is some work to
> add ICH9 SPI support to flashrom and depending on which of the two SPI
> interfaces in ICH9 is implemented, adding support for ICH7 is either
> easy or a complete new "driver". If you understand SPI well and take a
> look at the existing IT8716F SPI driver, you should be a able to write a
> ICH7 SPI driver in a week of development. The public ICH7 flash docs are
> pretty good, at least compared to what other vendors have. Then again,
> there are many things you have to guess while writing the driver because
> the docs are not explaining every detail.
> Regards,
> Carl-Daniel

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