[coreboot] problem while flashing on Pm49fl004B

malatesh kamatad malateshkamat at gmail.com
Thu May 1 09:38:18 CEST 2008

Hi all.
                  While working on LinuxBios i erased bios content in the
origional flashrom chip  while  doing  this  my system  become  strucked at
that time when i rebooted the system but system not booted.
 this is hapened while building the coreboot for MSI board by using  the
AsRock board ..at the same time my harddisk is also damaged right now i dont
have backup file(origional bios ),but in my office i dont have other AsRock
motherboard for taking the bios content from that ,but i downloaded the bios
content for AsRock board from the website  and  then i  tried to flash that
content to the erased flashrom chip but flashing is not happening ..... is
there any idea to get my bios back please inform me im  in big troble

With regards
Malatesh kamatad
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