[coreboot] MIPS Yamon replacement?

bari bari at onelabs.com
Thu Mar 27 04:21:49 CET 2008

Jake Peavy wrote:
> Hi all,
> New member here so forgive this question if it's ridiculous.
> Has anyone looked at porting Coreboot onto MIPS architecture?  Can it 
> be used as a Yamon replacement?
We looked at porting to MIPS and ARM back in 01 or 02. We even contacted 
and tried to work together with the U-boot group back in the early days 
of "LinuxBIOS". U-boot (and YAMON iirc) actually use a cache as ram 
scheme before ram init similar to Coreboot. Back then U-boot would use 
cache as ram and hope it would not use up too much space, it didn't 
always simply work.

U-boot and YAMON were the easier ways to go for and ARM or MIPS SOC's 
since they already worked and there were lots of supporters.

Coreboot's strength would come in handy if you are going to use an ARM 
or MIPS cpu along with multiple system buses, PCI controllers and bridges.


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