[coreboot] Via VT82C686 (A/B) southbridge

Jacek Chruscik mercury at wirebros.com
Sun Mar 23 04:43:58 CET 2008


Does anybody know how to deal with this southbridge: VIA VT82c686
I'm trying to port coreboot v.2 for FIC FR33E motherboard, but this 
southbridge has the superio built in.
I don't have any datasheet for this chip.
coreboot-v2 has no option for such superio, and all I need to do is to 
initialize serial port.
As a base I used via-epia code. The north is vt8601.

So far I generated PIRQ table, modified auto.c to recognize correct 
southbridge, modified config.lb to initialize devices.

There is serial init function in vt82c686 source:

static void vt82c686_enable_serial(device_t dev, unsigned iobase)

but it requires 2 parameters, which I don't have  (called as early 
serial init from auto.c):

static void main(unsigned long bist)
    unsigned long x;
    if (bist == 0) {
    enable_vt8231_serial(); //now it is called as: vt82c686_enable_serial

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