[coreboot] [RFC] First K8 board to port to v3

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Sat Mar 22 17:06:26 CET 2008

> Yes, but the current flashrom SPI abstraction is rather unsuited for SPI
> hosts which are different from the IT8716F. I will try to remedy that
> over the course of the next few months together with ICH[789] SPI
> support for flashrom.

Well maybe we can do some hack to make it work.

> Even after the flashrom SPI code has been restructured, it will be
> difficult to implement SPI support without docs. AFAICS the VT8237S docs
> are not yet floating around the net.

They wont be, the chipset is quite new (2006) I think. But I can add the support 
and you can adjust it to fit the generic layer (ITE ICH VIA)

I think I will go for Asus M2V-MX SE it has SPI in flash, VT8237S and K8M890. If 
we decide soon I can buy it on Monday, I will have way around the shop, I need 
to buy smth for university lab anyway (yes they are open on Holiday :)

The board has serial line and SPI in socket. I checked some electronics stores 
and they have some SPI chips in stock (cheapest around 1EUR). I need to check 
this more, because the cheapest have no online datasheet.


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