[coreboot] Help - Start up traces in CAR

Viswesh S viswesh_vichu at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 19 05:43:15 CET 2008


I am trying my hands on LinuxBios on QEMU for AMD processor.

I have disabled the FILO loader, so as to get the traces till the kernel boots up.

This is the command I use to start QEMU with Linuxbios.

sudo qemu-0.9.0/x86_64-softmmu/qemu-system-x86_64 -nographic  -monitor stdio -hda /dev/sda -m 512 -usb -L pc-linuxbios.

And I am getting the traces from the following point.

coreboot-2.0.0-GRUB2 Tue Mar 18 09:50:46 IST 2008 starting...
Copying coreboot to RAM.
Jumping to coreboot.
coreboot-2.0.0-GRUB2 Tue Mar 18 09:50:46 IST 2008 booting...
Enumerating buses...
Finding PCI configuration type.
PCI: Using configuration type 1
PCI_DOMAIN: 0000 enabled


"Copying coreboot to RAM" is being dumped from the function copy_and_run in copy_and_run.c file in the path /src/cpu/amd/car.

To understand the sequence till this point, I want further more traces before this.

If we look at the code flow, this is called from the function post_cache_as_ram in the file post_cache_as_ram.c.

( we can see one more instance of this function being called in real_main in cache_as_ram_auto.c )

And in these functions also, we can see the print_debug functions and also console_init being called.

But the point is that I am not getting those traces in my terminal.

Does anybody help me out to get the traces from these functions also.

Thanks in advance,


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