[coreboot] coreboot + Linux = ?

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Tue Mar 18 23:30:31 CET 2008

On Sunday 16 March 2008, Peter Stuge wrote:
> > Why would it have any effect on coreboot?
> It wouldn't. The code along with the list of people involved in
> that commit tells me that many are interested in EFI + Linux.

Just because someone is on the Cc list does not necessarily mean they're 

> coreboot is an alternative. I was asking if anyone knew about
> interest for a stronger bond between coreboot and Linux.

It is not. Coreboot is an alternative to intel's "platform initialisation", 
which they propose _along_ with EFI. Coreboot + EFI + Linux? Why not, once 
it's all open source. OTOH, Coreboot + filo + Linux will always outperform it 

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