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mercury at wirebros.com mercury at wirebros.com
Mon Mar 17 22:07:34 CET 2008

I believe there's commandline option for awdflash to skip checking on bios
file. I cannot verify it at this moment, but try awdflash.exe /?

Good Luck!

> On Monday 17 March 2008 03:15 am, Jacek Chruscik wrote:
>> the number 57344 is my vga bios size, you have to replace this
>> number with the size of your vga bios (in boths places of my
>> config: ROM_SIZE and FALLBACK_SIZE)
> did that. My vga rom is f1ff.
>> I suggest to use awardeco or amideco tool to extract the vga bios
>> from original bios. The RAM memory dump didn't work for me on epia.
> the perl script worked for me.
> After padding vgabios with zeros to 65536 bytes and setting the
> ROM_SIZE etc to 65536, everything compiles. I have a coreboot.rom
> with vga of 262144 bytes.
> However testing is pending as the award util does not flash the file
> as it does some check on the bios file and fails with "not a valid
> bios file".
> So now I have to sort out why flashrom fails to write correctly. :-(
> To recap: flashrom identifies, reads and erases the flash correctly.
> It also writes but the writes are garbage. I have two boards and the
> behaviour is the same.
> --
> Rgds

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