[coreboot] PCI irq routing

Nikolay Petukhov nikolaypetukhov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 11:53:54 CET 2008

Hi, all.

Now coreboot perform irq routing for some boards.
You can see this by executing commands like this:
grep -r pci_assign_irqs coreboot/src/*

This basically AMD/LX based boards: pcengines/alix1c,
digitallogic/msm800sev, artecgroup/dbe61, amd/norwich, amd/db800.

Also for AMD/GX1 based boards need a patch
for the right setup irq.
AMD/GX1 based boards is: advantech/pcm-5820, asi/mb_5blmp, axus/tc320,
bcom/winnet100, eaglelion/5bcm, iei/nova4899r, iei/juki-511p

I have two ideas.
1. Delete duplicate code from AMD/LX based boards.
2. Add irq routing for AMD/GX1 boards in coreboot.

The pirq.patch for irq routing logically consist from of two parts:

First part of pirq.patch independent from type chipsets and assign irq
for ever PCI device. It part based on AMD/LX
write_pirq_routing_table() function.

Second part of pirq.part depends of type chipset and set PIRQx linies
in interrupt router. Now this part supports only CS5530/5536 interrupt

Irq routing functionality is include through macro PIRQ_ROUTE in Config.lb.

Tested on iei/juki-511p(cs5530a), iei/pcisa-lx(cs5536) and also on
TeleVideo TC7020

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