[coreboot] v3 docu

Martin Trautmann traut at gmx.de
Thu Mar 13 13:10:06 CET 2008

Hi all,

I managed to create a pdf from http://coreboot.org/viewvc/coreboot-v3/doc/design/newboot.lyx by now.

It got some basic formatting only (no page numbers, no index, some unbroken lines). It lacks the images. But it is readable.

lyx used 433 MB of disk space for compilation, Qt asked for 1.6 GB (632 MB after make clean). Thus I'd like to suggest: please do provide an output format which is made for readability whenever possible (PDF, HTML). There's no need for everyone to install lyx.

I had a first glance at the docu. I got a much better insight now, although it seems to be written for people which know v2 and its basics. Carl-Daniel suggested to send some feedback here about how it could be improved.

What I missed most: If there's a ready solution for a motherboard, there´s no need to read this docu at all. It should run almost on its own.

There's no explanation how to build new devices and especially how to add a new motherboard. Very much seems to run automatically on one hand - and on the other hand coreboot claims that it wants to build a minimum BIOS only since all of the other initialisation should be done within the kernel.

Thus I do not know: which are the minimum requirements which I have to define. How may I begin. How may I test the inital setup and collect debugging information which does show me conflicts, devices, links, addresses, whatever.

Personally, I do not have any idea how to build a new motherboard definition from scratch. But fortunately I may take one of the Geode LX boards and try to find out which might suit me best for a Geode GX design. I do not know whether I have to build everything perfectly at once or how I may proceed step by step to debug my files and reach a final solution.

Much, much later on I might ask how to add this design to the coreboot tree...

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