[coreboot] flashrom issues found??

joe at smittys.pointclark.net joe at smittys.pointclark.net
Thu Mar 13 01:36:28 CET 2008

> As I wrote in my last mail: "erase_sector_39sf020() is the erase routine
> you need to use in a loop." It is the (mostly) correct routine to use.
> Simply call it for every block to be erased. There is an equivalent
> routine for the 20sf040.
> However, if you want instant gratification, replace erase_jedec() with
> erase_lhf00l04() or erase_82802ab(). Those two functions are even closer
> to the datasheet recommended values. In fact, with them everything
> should work out of the box, including sector protection.
Carl-Daniel, I don't just want to fix this for "instant  
gratification". I needs to be a perminant solution. I have alot of  
people waiting to beta-test the RCA RM4100 coreboot bios and work on  
the tv-out, but we need to get flashrom working for a fallback/updates  
first. I can test it with the "instant gratification" method but how  
to incorperate this into jedec.c so it doesn't interfear with other  
chips that use jedec.c???

Thanks - Joe

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