[coreboot] Possible support for Lippert Cool LiteRunner

Martin Trautmann traut at gmx.de
Wed Mar 12 20:29:51 CET 2008

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:

> doc/newboot.lyx can be converted to pdf and it is THE coreboot v3 design
> doc. It may be missing some recent developments, but most of the
> contents are pretty up-to-date and the design described there has not
> changed.

Is there any special need for this source format? People might be able 
to install anything for pdf creation - but I'm still in the process to 
install Qt 4, which is required by lyx, which is required to format the 
.lyx file. Ok, it's possible to read the source format itself. But it 
would be easier to have some ready and much more common format here. I 
don't know whether I would be able to run lyx at all on the system 
itself (GX2, 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM) - and it takes 100 MB source files for 

> The "Tutorial" is a misnomer and I'll probably rename all those
> "tutorials" which are just verbose status pages to "status".

This would be much more appropriate.

> newboot.lyx should have most of the info you need. If anything is
> missing, please describe what you are missing there so that we can
> improve the doc.

Thanks, I'll do so

>> There's much of docu (too much for the beginning) for the GX2 and CS5535,
>> but none for its bios and this special board from AMD.
> Which special board are you referring to? 

The AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC, now sold as DecTOP).

The sticker says: PIC-1MM, Technology By Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

> And why would you want to read
> documentation for any other BIOSes for Geode? 

Converting from LX to GX should be easier than to do everything from 

> Besides that, there is
> quite some documentation available for ROM porting to the Geode GX.
> Hint: Google for "geoderom gx" and the first hit is already what you may
> be looking for.

That's a good starting point, as soon as someone knows how to put this 
info into coreboot.


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