[coreboot] Possible support for Lippert Cool LiteRunner

Frans Grotepass fmgrotepass at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 12 14:57:55 CET 2008

On Wednesday 12 March 2008, Martin Trautmann Added some documentation
links he dug up.

Thanks for the predig you did for me. I'll go and check out the Docu's.
> There's much of docu (too much for the beginning) for the GX2 and CS5535,
> but none for its bios and this special board from AMD.
> I got two other higher priority tasks at the moment (new born baby and a
> house to build), but I hope that I may find some time to learn more here.
> Any help is welcome where to look first for a starting point of v3.

What MB are you working on Martin?  Are you doing it for hobby purposes
or for your work? Congrats on the critter. Always a blast and more than
worth the time to invest in them.

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