[coreboot] qemu error message: "Unrecognized partitioning scheme"

David Edrich dsedrich at violin-memory.com
Tue Mar 11 17:52:21 CET 2008

[David Edrich]
>>From my understanding FILO gets to the "menu" file, in the disk image, without any
>>problems. Then, to access files after that, FILO want to read some partition information
>>from, I would guess, the MBR -- and there is no MBR from the process we used to generate
>>the disk image file. I think that is the problem. I don't know much about qemu-img options
>>that may get around this or if some FILO options do this. I would guess that that would be 
>>where to try and find a way out of this.
>>I'm told, near the beginning of the image process, one can run fdisk on the image file,
>>to create an MBR, but then adding the OS files becomes a problem because you must copy
>>them to some offset in the disk image file.
>>IS the problem that an MBR is needed and that it should have been created or is there
>>something else to do, to make it boot without an MBR?

The menu.lst file is:
# grub.conf generated by anaconda
# Note that you do not have to rerun grub after making changes to this file
# NOTICE:  You have a /boot partition.  This means that
#          all kernel and initrd paths are relative to /boot/, eg.
#          root (hd0,0)
#          kernel /vmlinuz-version ro root=/dev/sda2
#          initrd /initrd-version.img
title David Es Linux (2.6.11)
	root (hd0,0)
	kernel vmlinuz-2.6.11 ro quiet
#	initrd initrd-2.6.9-42.0.3.ELsmp.img

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> yes, it is specifying the equivalent of a partition in the menu.lst.
> Now I realize -- I don't know how to NOT do this in filo. Anyone know?
> hd(0) instead of hd(0,0)?
> ron
[David Edrich] 
So does anyone know how to do the above? Has anyone followed the instructions on http://www.coreboot.org/QEMU_Build_Tutorial for
using qemu with FILO with success?

The fallback for the emulation would be, it seems to build a Linux Kernel payload.

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