[coreboot] ASUS A8V-E Deluxe now supported

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Fri Mar 7 11:03:51 CET 2008


> I'm happy to announce that the ASUS A8V-E Deluxe board works pretty well
> in coreboot v2 already. I haven't even touched more than 1 (in words: one)
> lines of code. This is all thanks to Rudolf Marek's great work on the
> ASUS A8V-E SE board, which is very similar to this one.


> I've posted the full status table and a small build tutorial in the wiki:
> http://www.coreboot.org/ASUS_A8V-E_Deluxe_Build_Tutorial

Good that the gameport and parport works.

> It boots up to a Linux login prompt, CPU, RAM, SATA (port 1), audio, ethernet,
> USB, VGA, and lots of other stuff work fine. Even 'poweroff' and
> 'reboot' work, probably thanks to the ACPI implementation by Rudolf.

Yes, you need to add ACPI IRQ routing for 0x7 and 0x8

   +-07.0  Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88W8310 and 88W8000G [Libertas] 802.11g 
client chipset [11ab:1fa7]
            +-08.0  Texas Instruments TSB43AB22/A IEEE-1394a-2000 Controller 
(PHY/Link) [104c:8023]

> There are some TODOs left (IDE seems to have a problem, SATA port 2
> also, and a few other things hasn't yet been tested), I'll work on
> fixing them in the next few days or so.

I think it is FILO problem. Please test the devices in Linux first.
SATA is in "legacy" mode, so each SATA port has 2 master/slave devices.

SATA1 - hd0 (hd1 shadow)
SATA2 - hd2  (hd3 shadow)
IDE0  - hd4 master
IDE0 - hd5 slave
IDE1 - hd6 master
IDE1 - hd7 slave


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