[coreboot] denver summit, preliminary schedule

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 06:15:28 CET 2008

OK,first news, AMD is now a "Silver" sponsor of the Denver summit. I
can not thank AMD enough. I don't know
if all of us put together can thank AMD enough. But, we should try!

Thanks, AMD!

Here is a very tentative schedule. I think it's going to be pretty
exciting, I intend to bring as much hardware
as I can for us to work on. I still need to line up breaks, lunch,
dinner, etc. with the main workshop; this is
still a bit tentative.

1-2 Ron opens the meeting and discusses how things went in '07 and
late '06 from the last meeting.
I think the Big News is the meteoric rise of v3, how nice it is, and
the growth in our platforms.
Also talk about other things I learned from talks with vendors.
You'll be amazed by something I learned at SC 07 ...

2-230 break

230-400 Stepan talks about
-  the automated testbed, what it is, how to set it up. The automated
testbed is a quite amazing resource we
   should all understand.
- the GSOC projects
- his work with the german army
- his recent ports

4-430 break
430-rest of day hack session  -- Please, bring your hardware!


0830-1000 AMD talks about:
- consumer issues
- what's going on
- new ports this year
- "Fam 10".
- Jordan's fantastic new library and his use of Uwe's micro-curses
1000-1030 break
1030-1200 Marc talks about his work at Sun with the simulator
1200-0130 lunch
0130- 0300 an overview of v3, from the smallest to the large bits.
Sample v3 build/burn session
0300-0330 break
0330- 0400
open questions (please add some)
1. how do we tell when a board is good enough to move from v2 to v3?
What's the test?
2. How do we make life easy for vendors?
3. What pending issues are there.

0400-0500 The view from the FSF -- what's going on, etc.

Note: I hope to have one or two more hardware speakers. I welcome
volunteers from this list. We're a friendly
group and always interested in hearing more.

saturday -- hack, hack, hack. Please bring hardware for this session.
We hope to really do more improvement on v3!
sunday -- more hacking at starbucks :-) (but Ron has to leave, sadly,
about 3 or 4 pm)

Hope to see you there. This is going to be a good one.



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