[coreboot] Geode GX / CS5535 / PIC

Martin Trautmann traut at gmx.de
Sun Mar 2 12:13:14 CET 2008

Peter Stuge wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 05:11:31PM +0100, Uwe Hermann wrote:
>>> Here's the board itself:
>>> http://www.nottoxic.com/wapcc/dectop/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?cache=cache&media=hardware:dectop:dectoplb.jpg
>> The BIOS chip is soldered.
> It looks like J11 may also have the LPC bus signals. 

Could be.

I assumed LVDS on 
- I'll have to check e.g. the voltage levels on pins 8/18 (5 or 3.3V) 
and 19/20 (12 V). Is there a typical default pinout for LPC?

could use anything.

I've seen other applications which used 20 pin connectors for GPIO purposes

 > If the boot
> flash selector ball is also on J11 you could use Artec's dongle or
> just another LPC flash chip to work on coreboot rather than having to
> desolder the existing chip.

I know that the BIOS can be programmed easily onboard since there's a 
Windows software around to reprogram it.

Is there any kind of de-assembler within coreboot that would help to 
find out what the current BIOS versions do?


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