[coreboot] AMD761 + VIA VT82C686B (eventually HighPiont HPT370A)

Marek Artur Penther marekpenther at aol.com
Mon Jun 30 22:54:22 CEST 2008

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  <pre wrap="">Sorry, but given the age of these chips (K6 system, right?), 
somewhat doubtful that anyone even has a board around to work on.
There may be some limited support in LinuxBIOSv1.


On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 7:45 AM, Marek Artur Penther
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    <pre wrap="">I still waiting for linuxbios/coreboot to support at least 
these devices
(AMD761, VIA VT82C686B). I have 'Abit KG7-RAID' MotherBoard and there are
such devices. I'd like to run this MB with CoreBoot. I can provide a lot of
datasheets and specsheets for these devices (all family of AMD7xx (AMD751,
AMD756, AMD761, AMD762, AMD766, AMD768)).

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No, this is not for K6. AMD750 is for Athlon on slot A (K7 and K75
(model 1 (argon), model 2 (pluto and orion) and model 4
(thunderbird))), AMD760 is for Athlon on socket A (Athlon - model 4
(thunderbird); Athlon XP and Athlon MP model 6 (palomino), model 8
(thoroughbred A and thoroughbred B), model 10 (barton) and Duron model
3 (spitfire), model 7 (morgan), model 8 (apllebred), model 10
(thorton)). It have nothing common with K6.<br>
AMD do not produced nor designed any chipset for Super Socket 7.<br>
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