[coreboot] How to build coreboot for AMD/Opteron nVnida/CK804 CRB

Ken.Fuchs at bench.com Ken.Fuchs at bench.com
Wed Jun 11 23:54:23 CEST 2008

> Ken Fuchs wrote:

> > There doesn't seem to be a target defined for this board
> > in the current source for coreboot.
> > 
> > I tried:
> > 
> > $ cd ./targets
> > $ ./buildtarget nvidia/ck804
> > No target config file found
> > Tried both nvidia/ck804 and nvidia/ck804/Config.lb
> > $
> > 
> > Where are the target files for the Opteron/CK804 CRB?
> > 
> > --- Chipset Reference Boards ---
> > 
> > It is very important that coreboot contains the targets
> > of all chipset reference boards, since mainboard designers
> > often use them as the basis of their own designs.  Thus
> > coreboot ports from these chipset reference boards to the
> > mainboards based on them would seem to be the easiest way
> > to do these board-level ports.  The only exception might
> > be a mainboard family whose various members may be closer
> > in design that the chipset reference board.

Joseph Smith wrote:
> Sorry I don't think that board is supported by coreboot. I 
> know in the past
> it is very hard to get nvidia chips supported due to lack of 
> datasheets,
> public information, etc.

The nVidia CK804 CRB is supported by coreboot
(or at least it should be supported).  I have
three year old source code based on LinuxBIOS
that supports this board.  Our code was never
submitted, because another CK804 port of
LinuxBIOS was completed and submitted before

Three years ago, I didn't have any trouble
getting technical information for the nVidia
CK804 chipset.  An NDA was required.  nVidia
was very easy to work with, especially while
reviewing our source code.  We were provided
with good support by nVidia.

--- CK804 code in official LinuxBIOS source code ---

The nVidia CK804 chipset is definitely supported
by coreboot.  See ./src/southbridge/nvidia/ck804/.
What happened to the mainboard and target files
of the nVidia CK804 CRB board?  Did someone remove
them from the coreboot repository?

I also have a snapshot of the official LinuxBIOS
code right after the other CK804 port was officially
submitted (three years ago).  It contains
./src/mainboard/nvidia/nf4crb, so the CK804
mainboard files were in the official tree.  However,
I see no evidence that the target files were in that
snapshot, but I assumed that they were added later.


Ken Fuchs

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