[coreboot] How to build coreboot for AMD/Opteron nVnida/CK804 CRB

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Wed Jun 11 22:26:26 CEST 2008

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> Subject: [coreboot] How to build coreboot for AMD/Opteron nVnida/CK804 CRB
> There doesn't seem to be a target defined for this board
> in the current source for coreboot.
> I tried:
> $ cd ./targets
> $ ./buildtarget nvidia/ck804
> No target config file found
> Tried both nvidia/ck804 and nvidia/ck804/Config.lb
> $
> Where are the target files for the Opteron/CK804 CRB?
> --- Chipset Reference Boards ---
> It is very important that coreboot contains the targets
> of all chipset reference boards, since mainboard designers
> often use them as the basis of their own designs.  Thus
> coreboot ports from these chipset reference boards to the
> mainboards based on them would seem to be the easiest way
> to do these board-level ports.  The only exception might
> be a mainboard family whose various members may be closer
> in design that the chipset reference board.

Sorry I don't think that board is supported by coreboot. I know in the past
it is very hard to get nvidia chips supported due to lack of datasheets,
public information, etc.

Here is the list of boards that are supported:

Joseph Smith

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