[coreboot] [patch] mkelfimage intelligent placement of ramdisk

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Tue Jun 10 19:22:12 CEST 2008

On Tue, 10 Jun 2008 12:47:38 -0400, Warren Togami <wtogami at redhat.com>
> The attached patch by Peter Jones <pjones at redhat.com> implements
> intelligent placement of the ramdisk in memory during boot of an ELF
> image created by mkelfimage.
> mkelfimage prior to this patch defaults to a hardcoded 1MB which doesn't
> quite work in all circumstances.  The kernel as it is decompressed can
> overwrite part of the ramdisk.  Peter says that pretty much all other
> boot loaders already do this intelligent detection instead of native
> hard coding.
> This patch allows a wrapped Fedora i586 kernel to boot on both KVM and
> Artec Group's Thincan DBE61C (coreboot).  It probably needs more testing
> in other circumstances.
Cool. Good work!
Joseph Smith

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