[coreboot] coreboot BIOSisms

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Tue Jun 10 17:33:29 CEST 2008

> Like I said why not just have a mini program between the two that handles
> this operation. It could be added to coreboot or legacybios as an option
> module. The mini program would read the coreboot tables and what ever else
> it needed and then set these tables up in a format that coresponds with
> legacybios, and finally passes the tables to legacybios. Does it have to be
> more complicated than that?
Yes if ACPI is involved. Please do try to get ACPI support working for 
your board. Or look at least on DSDT table
from the "normal" BIOS. The whole thing with ACPI is not matter of 
simple tables. ACPI needs to know
a LOT about the BOARD, CHIPSET, CPU. You cant have that in separate 
payload. It is not matter to re-invent all the tables.
ACPI contains its own bytecode, what are you suggesting is building in a 
runtime compiler for the the tables, not
telling about the source code for the tables ;)

This is the reason why I really want to have this in coreboot. If you 
dont like it do not compile it in.


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