[coreboot] coreboot BIOSisms

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Mon Jun 9 23:39:58 CEST 2008

On Mon, 9 Jun 2008 19:39:50 +0200, Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 09, 2008 at 11:23:51AM -0600, Marc Jones wrote:
>> > I still don't want coreboot to know about BIOS tables at all.
>> >
>> > Alas, it already does, there is both PIR and ACPI.
>> Because they are required by Linux.
> Wasn't that supposed to change though? Does anyone know what happened
> with the x86 device tree?
>> > Do we really want these BIOS tables to be created by coreboot?
>> probably.
>> > If yes, why shouldn't LegacyBIOS simply be included in coreboot?
>> maybe but legacybios has a lot of things coreboot (for Linux) doesn't
>> need. They are required for other OS.
> Yep, but it is so nice to optimize them away when running Linux.

Thus making it a coreboot option for other OS's
>> > I would much prefer if any and all table generation could be
>> > handled by LegacyBIOS or maybe another, separate, payload.
>> Then that payload has to have the knowledge of every cpu, chipset,
>> and motherboard configuration to extract the information. That is
>> difficult which is why the OS leaves it up the the BIOS. It make
>> sense that the tables are generated and used by the configuration
>> code.
> We already have some if not all of this information in coreboot.
> I think the ideal would be to allow payloads to use all that
> information in a handy way, rather than only through BIOS tables.
Why not just have it so legacybios just reads this info from coreboot and
creates the desired tables?

Joseph Smith

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