[coreboot] latest legacybios update

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Mon Jun 9 05:37:40 CEST 2008


I've made some recent progress with "legacybios".  The code will now
locate and parse the coreboot table.  This means that "legacybios"
will now have the correct ram size and will properly populate the e820
map with the info.  I've confirmed that my epia-m continues to boot
into linux with the recent changes.

I've also fixed a few bugs - slave ide drives are now working for me
and apm no longer crashes the linux kernel.

For those that are interested, the code is in git - see:


My next step is going to be getting bios tables (pir, acpi) working so
that the legacybios payload doesn't overwrite them.  I plan on
hacking coreboot-v2 so that it deploys the tables to the top of ram
instead of 0xf0000.  I then plan on having legacybios locate the
tables (by looking at the coreboot table) and then copy the subset of
tables that must reside in the 0xf0000 segment.

For those that remember the discussion at:


I'm basically advocating option (c).

Finally, I've successfully booted windows xp and windows vista under
qemu (without using coreboot).  Once I get the standard bios tables
working, I'll see if I can get them running too.


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