[coreboot] Newbee patch for A49LF040A (Alix2c2) please have a look.

Jens Kuehnel coreboot at jens.kuehnel.org
Sat Jun 7 00:39:22 CEST 2008

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger schrieb:

> I remember... you were the one who brought hardware to the workshop.
Yep, thats me. :-)

>> My first problem it that flashrom does not support my flashchip.
>> But I hope I can fix this. :-) Patch attached.
> Thanks for the patch. Unfortunately it seems your mailer wrapped the
> patch. Thunderbird users either
> - have to attach the patch or

> In theory, this should not happen. In practice, old or extremely cheap
> flash chips can have sticky bits after a few erase cycles. I think the
> risk for your board is almost zero.
I thought so, but want to be sure.

> I'd like to do that, but the patch was so mangled that I had problems
> reading it. It looks like you put vendor and device ID together in
> AMIC_A49LF040A. The vendor ID you want is probably AMIC_ID_NOPREFIX.
OK, I changed that.

>> Greetings from Frankfurt/M (Germany)
> Greetings from Tuebingen (same country)

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