[coreboot] Newbee patch for A49LF040A (Alix2c2) please have a look.

Jens Kuehnel coreboot at jens.kuehnel.org
Fri Jun 6 20:50:50 CEST 2008

Hi coreboot list,

I visited the coreboot/flashrom talk during linuxtag, and was really 
impressed how "easy" it is can help/to hack. My target is to let 
coreboot run on my alix2c2 (the one with only 2 network cards).
The advantage for me is, its similar to an existing target (not too 
hard), but far enough to learn something.

My first problem it that flashrom does not support my flashchip.
But I hope I can fix this. :-) Patch attached.

But before I break my flash. Is it possible to destroy the chip, by 
using the wrong method?

The chip is a AMIC A49LF040A. It look like a SST 49LF040 replacement, I 
found the IDs @ http://www.amictechnology.com/pdf/A49LF040A.pdf.

I have a "LPC.1A", which means I can recover from bad flashes. But I 
don't like to solder SMD.

Can someone with more experience look over it, before I test it? Thanks 
a lot!

Greetings from Frankfurt/M (Germany)


diff -u flashrom/flashchips.c flashrom-jk/flashchips.c
--- flashrom/flashchips.c       2008-06-05 18:06:52.000000000 +0200
+++ flashrom-jk/flashchips.c    2008-06-06 20:31:53.000000000 +0200
@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@
         {"Atmel",       "AT49F002(N)",          ATMEL_ID, 
AT_49F002N,             256,    256,            TEST_UNTESTED, 
probe_jedec,            erase_chip_jedec,  write_jedec},
         {"Atmel",       "AT49F002(N)T",         ATMEL_ID, 
AT_49F002NT,            256,    256,            TEST_UNTESTED, 
probe_jedec,            erase_chip_jedec,  write_jedec},
         {"Atmel",       "AT25DF321",            ATMEL_ID, 
AT_25DF321,             4096,   256,            TEST_OK_PREW, 
probe_spi_rdid,         spi_chip_erase_c7, spi_chip_write,  spi_chip_read},
+       {"Amic Technology","A49LF040A",         AMIC_ID, 
AMIC_A49LF040A,         512,    4096,           TEST_UNTESTED, 
probe_jedec,            erase_49lf040,                  write_49lf040},
         {"Amic Technology","A25L40P",           AMIC_ID, 
AMIC_A25L40P,           512,    256,            TEST_UNTESTED, 
probe_spi_rdid,         spi_chip_erase_c7, spi_chip_write, spi_chip_read},
         {"EMST",        "F49B002UA",            EMST_ID, 
EMST_F49B002UA,         256,    4096,           TEST_UNTESTED, 
probe_jedec,            erase_chip_jedec,  write_49f002},
         {"EON",         "EN29F002(A)(N)B",      EON_ID, 
EN_29F002B,             256,    256,            TEST_UNTESTED, 
probe_jedec,            erase_chip_jedec,  write_jedec},
diff -u flashrom/flash.h flashrom-jk/flash.h
--- flashrom/flash.h    2008-06-05 18:06:52.000000000 +0200
+++ flashrom-jk/flash.h 2008-06-06 20:32:19.000000000 +0200
@@ -119,6 +119,7 @@
  #define AMIC_ID                        0x7F37  /* AMIC */
  #define AMIC_ID_NOPREFIX       0x37    /* AMIC */
  #define AMIC_A25L40P           0x2013
+#define AMIC_A49LF040A         0x379D

  #define ASD_ID                 0x25    /* ASD, not listed in JEP106W */
  #define ASD_AE49F2008          0x52

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