[coreboot] Problem with PLL

Uwe Schwarz uwe.schwarz at saxnet.de
Wed Jun 4 13:30:52 CEST 2008

Hi Marc,

> Can you narrow down the line that fails, northbridge\amd\lx 
> \pll_reset.c?

It failed at this line:
wrmsr(GLCP_SYS_RSTPLL, msrGlcpSysRstpll);

> If it fails in the reset you can try making the pll lock time longer  
> but
> I doubt that it will help.
> msrGlcpSysRstpll.lo |= (0xFF << RSTPPL_LOWER_HOLD_COUNT_SHIFT);

and that did the trick. It does boot now, thanks for helping.

// Uwe
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