[coreboot] [newbie] support for GA-M57SLI-S4 and AMD Phenom (K10) possible?

Marc Jones Marc.Jones at amd.com
Mon Jul 28 21:13:43 CEST 2008

There is FAM10 (K10) support in coreboot. The platform would need to be 
ported to the Fam10 code. I would be happy to assist anyone who would 
like to do the port.


EW wrote:
> Hello,
> I met Peter Stuge at the Linuxtag 2008 in Berlin and spontaneously 
> decided to order a new shiny motherboard (GA-M57SLI-S4). Peter kindly 
> equipped it with a second flash ROM for coreboot and the all important 
> switch :-)
> But I haven't been paying sufficient attention to details and ordered a 
> AMD Phenom X4 CPU (K10). The board does support K10 cpus with reduced 
> speed of something (front side bus?), even if it's not listed first 
> place in the documentation. So there I am with a shiny new system (BIOS 
> works well and so does debian unstable) and no fitting version of coreboot.
> Question: is there support for K10 cpus in coreboot (maybe for other 
> boards)? And iff so, is there a possibility to build a coreboot for this 
> particular board and cpu?
> I'm willing to test, I'm not so sure, whether I can help hacking.
> Cheers,
> thank you for doing this very cool project,
> and yes, I do like the new name and logo ;-)
> Erich
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