[coreboot] how to update firmware with tftp

Ken.Fuchs at bench.com Ken.Fuchs at bench.com
Tue Jul 22 20:22:35 CEST 2008

Amrish Purohit wrote:

> i want help in following scenario.
> as computer boot up with coreboot. it must wait for
> approximately 5 seconds and listen on tftp. if during
> that time if any firmware available than my system will
> download that firmware and update with current one and
> that system must boot with this new firmware. otherwise
> it will boot up with old firmware.

Why not just boot Linux on the target and run flashrom?
You can have the Linux system on your target mount an NFS
filesystem containing the new firmware image, thus
avoiding the need for tftp altogether.

Alternatively, a shell payload could be developed that has
much the same functionality as the hush shell in U-Boot.
Just load the new firmware image via ftp, tftp, NFS, USB,
etc. into RAM and flash the new firmware from the RAM
image.  LinuxBIOS had a low level shell, but I suspect
that the code for it may have been dropped or it may
never have been an official part of the LinuxBIOS (now
coreboot + payloads) source code.

> i am using qemu. so is there any idea for qemu with tftp

So do you want to change the mainboard firmware or the
virtual firmware image that qemu uses?


Ken Fuchs

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