[coreboot] (GSoC__SCSI boot)GSOC Midterm survey and new problem(Vendor ID mismatch)

Zhang Rui zrfail at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 17:23:35 CEST 2008

2008/7/16, Kevin O'Connor <kevin at koconnor.net>:
> > and added this at the end of post_coreboot() function:
> >     asm(
> >       "movl %esi, %esp\n"
> >       "retl"
> >     );
> That's dangerous because the compiler might use %esi in the
> post_coreboot() function.  If you really want to do this, you should
> move %esp to %eax and declare the stack pointer as an argument to
> post_coreboot() and then pass the argument to the inline asm.

I see. I will change this.

Zhang Rui

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